Transport policy

I, Checking before boarding

a. Customers should show the reservation code before boarding. This reservation code will be sent to customers via Mobile phone or email.
b. We still serve if customer identity matching with information that have been provided when booking (E.g mobilephone number, ID card number, passport number)

II, Private booking

Your taxi driver will wait for you up to 15 minutes. Out of this time, we have the right to refuse to serve without compensation or charge additional fee for waiting ( 3 USD/ hour)

III, Shared booking

The taxi will pick you at the place that you request in the range of +/- 15 minutes compare with departime time you choose when booking, the driver will notice you exactly pickup time 60 minutes before he come. And maximum time to go to pick another customer is 30 minutes.

You must be on time at your address. Standby time is up to 15 minutes only in the case the passenger(s) who share ride agree to wait for you. Otherwhile, we have the right to refuse to serve without compensation. the taxi will be on time to pick you up at the right places that you request.
IV, Cancellation/ Amendment Terms: Customers have the right to cancel order or change the depart time without any cost:

Send us an email reminding your booking code and your instructions to change the booking at

V, Others

a. Customers are not allowed to carry prohibited goods specified in the list of prohibited goods in accordance with rules by Socialist Republic of Vietnam
b. Customers are not allowed to smoke or eat on the car
c. In case of emergency conditions (e.g. earthquakes, flood etc.), We reserves the right to cancel or change schedules and departure times without incurring any liability.

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