A complaint is your expression of dissatisfaction or alleged misconduct, either verbally or in writing, and should be submitted directly by you or by someone who is authorized to act on your behalf.

Our goal is to provide quality service to every customer. We always welcome your criticisms or suggestions and are dedicated to building long and outstanding relationships with our customers.

1. Booking or cancelling process issues

If the complaint is related to the booking process such as:

Filling in and confirming information about vehicles/seats

Payment process

Cancelling and refunding

Technical problems, software problems or other problems that prevent clients from completing the booking transaction,

Please using one of the following assistances:

Chat with online customer care on the website

Email us at

Call us at (+84) 936 070 416 (Customer Relation Management)

2. Quality of services issues

If the complaint is about the confirmation of online ticket between customer and taxi driver, it will be handled by referring to receipt and information (online ticket code or personal information) that customer provides us with initially and during the booking (saved in the data base system of

If the complaint is about the timing of the service, it will be handled based on the scheduled pick-up time in the system provided by the customer and the waiting time outlined in our “Transport Regulation”.

If the complaint is about the taxi driver (attitude and service quality) or vehicles quality, it will be handled based on the recordings of conversation between customer and call center or proof by customers (photos, recording, statements of witnesses etc.)

Have complaints related to above issue, please contact us:

Call us at (+84) 936 070 416 (Customer Relation Management)

Email us at

Important note: Within 48 hour from the time of issue/complaint occurring, you need to notify relevant departments to ensure that we has sufficient evidence and timing to investigate and solve the issue.

3. Other issues

Other issues if happen will be solved based on the “Transportation policy” and “Checking and Boarding guide ” of We will make all reasonable efforts to handle complaints. In any other cases, all complaints will be solved according to Laws and Regulations of Viet Nam.

Please use one of following support:

Call us at (+84) 936 070 416 (Customer Relation Management)

Email us at

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